Shed and House Slabs Darwin

Shed and house slabs are essential for the foundation of your structure. At Pro Concreter Darwin, we have expertise in making strong concrete slabs for your house and shed. We have years of experience in helping clients in their residential concrete work.

Concrete slabs are crucial because of the following reasons:

  • They make the ground level
  • They support the weight of your house/shed
  • They allow the circulation of air under the shed

Concrete slabs are the most suitable materials for sheds. For instance, if your shed has bearers, you can place it directly on concrete slabs. The bearers’ role is to protect the shed from the adverse effects of moisture.

Concrete slabs are the most durable materials that you can use to construct a solid foundation for your house or shed. At Pro Concreter Darwin, we have experienced contractors who are committed to delivering your projects on time and within your budget.

Concrete slabs can either be post-tension or steel-reinforced. The post-tension slabs have cables tensioned at the edges of the slabs to make them remain in compression.

On the other hand, the steel-reinforced slabs have steel rods that are used to hold the concrete together.  At Pro Concreter Darwin, we can make any concrete slab for your shed or house.
If you want to build a durable shed, concrete slabs are the best materials you can use. Here are the benefits of using concrete slabs.

  • They provide a stable foundation for your shed that is resistant to ground movement.
  • A concrete slab has an excellent level that can allow you to construct a timber sub-floor.
  • Concrete slab enables you to construct shed floors that are close to ground level. This kind of floor allows an easy in and out movements of wheeled equipment.
  • Concrete floors are suitable for storing wet equipment because they are not affected by dampness.

At Pro Concreter Darwin, we are conversant with the technicalities surrounding the construction of sheds and house slabs. Before we construct your house slab, we examine the nature of the soil to determine whether your area is susceptible to frost.

Our contractors have vast experience in house and shed construction. Before we build your shed, we assess the following: whether surface water will be flowing towards your shed/house, whether the level of the proposed floor is above the surrounding ground, and whether the area is flooded with water.

We look forward to working with you on your next construction project!

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