Residential Concrete Services

Darwin Concrete

Pro Concreter Darwin work all across Darwin and Northern Territory for customers who are undergoing residential construction projects.

  • Exposed Aggregate – one of our most popular driveway finishes, with it’s premium look and feel, to bring your landscape aesthetics to the next level
  • Coloured Concrete – with a range of different colours available, we can work with you to plan what would work best to compliment your exisiting property and landscape. If you are after a deep colour, we can also lay protective sealer to enhance the colour. We mix the coloured oxide into the concrete before laying to ensure an even colour distribution.
  • Plain Concrete – an easy, inexpensive way your driveway, path or outdoor area to bring it back to a new shiny look.
  • Pave Cut – a very popular option for customers who are looking for the paver look, without the budget. A diamond saw allows us to create the paver look in the plain concrete.
  • House Slabs – our team are equipped to work on your new home project. When you have a plan outlaid, we can take care of the rest. We work with you throughout consultation, design, engineering and permit application. We also work closely with other contractors involved to ensure a high quality job.
  • Driveways and Patios – Coloured, Exposed aggregate, or plain – what ever your preference we can work with you to bring your property to life.
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