Retaining Walls

A well built retaining wall is meant to hold back rocks and soil to protect your landscape from erosion and runoff. At Pro Concreter Darwin, we have years of experience in designing and constructing robust retaining walls that are long-lasting. Our concreting specialists partner up with a number of local landscapers who can assist with any garden and property renovation you are looking to do with the inclusions of retaining walls.

Our technicians understand how to use a variety of materials to build strong retaining walls that are within your style and budget. Also, we professionally design and construct retaining walls that can resist the pressure of soil due to changes caused by adverse weather.

At Pro Concreter Darwin, we can design and install different types of retaining walls based on your choice, style, and budget.

Different types of retaining walls…

Modular block retaining walls – are made of manufactured concrete blocks. Modular blocks are known for their beauty, durability, and little maintenance. If you want a strong retaining wall at your home, then don’t hesitate to go for the modular one.

Natural rock retaining walls – are ideal for home-owners who are interested in natural rocks because of their organic feel. Our contractor understand how to use concrete to bind the boulders and rock together to give excellent results

Gabion Retaining Walls – made of large metal mesh and stone, helps prevent soil and earth from moving

Stone Retaining Walls – built from stones piling on top with no concrete mortar 

Gravity Retaining Walls  – relying solely on it’s own weight to stay sturdy and supportive (can be made from concrete, stones or other materials)

Canitlever Retaining Wall – very common for Aussies, using a lot less material than some other types of common walls. Reinforced with steel beams, concrete footings hold the wall together, often shaped like a T to keep the horizontal pressure on the wall.

Wood retaining walls  – are characterised by warmth and an affordable cost; hence they are ideal for your landscape. However, it is vital to note that wood is an organic material and can be attacked by moisture.

In case you want to build a wooden retaining wall, don’t worry! At Pro Concreter Darwin, we can use moisture resistant wood like redwood to install a retaining wall in your garden. 

Our contractors have immense skills and experience, and therefore, they can design and set up a retaining wall based on the slope and the level of the ground.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to understand the usefulness of retaining walls. Here are the benefits of installing a retaining wall in your home.

  • Help in mitigating flooding.
  • Hold soil in place.
  • Protect your property against damage.
  • Enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas and obscure the view of dirt piles and hills from your guests.
  • Reduce home maintenance cost and soil erosion

If you are looking to enhance your garden landscape, a concrete retaining wall is highly recommended for you because it can serve both your aesthetic and functions. If you want to increase the value of your home, allow professionals At Pro Concreter Darwin to install your retaining walls.

We work with customers who are looking to either renovate their existing garden, or when they are building a brand new property. In this instance, we would help them in constructing a slab.

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